Our Assessments

Pro Ed offers a variety of learning and behavioural difficulty assessments using specific and relevant standardised tests and procedures. Pro Ed’s qualified, experienced and caring multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team includes, educational psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists, assessors, tutors and a consultant paediatrician and speech and language therapist.

Our assessments also provide an opportunity to observe the unique ways your child approaches a variety of tests and tasks. This includes behavioural challenges such as low self-esteem, lack of concentration, anxiety, social skills and motivation.

Assessments are also be used to follow changes as your child progresses, from school readiness through the primary, secondary and tertiary school years. These assessments provide opportunities for identification of the unique learning needs of each individual child, including gifted and talented children who often require a special approach to their learning.

In addition our assessments form part of your child’s school history and can be used when applying for Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) for examinations once your child reaches senior school, including reader-writer, the use of a computer, and extra time.

Pro Ed utilises reliable and valid standardised tests, such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scales, and a battery of scholastic testing tools that focuses on academic levels of literacy and numeracy. Included in the assessment process is memory testing, which is an important aspect of all assessments as this crucial skill underlies all learning.

Working memory involves an “active” element which includes paying attention, and the ability to initiate, monitor and evaluate information. This element becomes a vital and necessary skill which forms the basis for continued learning. All of the areas that make up your child’s overall cognitive strengths and weaknesses, being their ability to learn, are assessed by Pro Ed team during a full team assessment.

Pro Ed offers a range of assessments which suit the specific requirements of each child. On completion of the assessment a full report, which includes relevant recommendations, is made available.

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